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All future clients are required to complete a questionnaire and waiver before any service is provided. The questionnaire will be sent via email after the booking is scheduled. 


All balances must be paid in full before any services are given. No cash payments are accepted for services. 

Only cash tips are accepted. 


Payments will be recurring on the same day you sign up for monthly memberships. If you default on your account, all balances must be paid in full before booking future services. 


To book any mobile services, events, or classes on-site or off-site there is a non-refundable $150 booking fee to reserve any future date. Please note that is only a booking fee and not a deposit that will be deducted from your total price.  


If by chance you have to reschedule there will be a credit on your account that can be utilized for a future date. No refunds are given after bookings are paid, only credits. 


No additional guests are allowed if not booked for a service. 


No food or drinks are allowed during service unless it's a part of your pamper package or event. 


No shoes are allowed inside the lounge. There will be an area to place your shoes before entering.


All guests are required to wear masks until further notice. Mask's are available for $5 if you don't have one.  


Please do not arrive early for bookings. We have to set up all bookings and need time between clients to properly do so. Please note that if you arrive late, we will still end at your scheduled booked time.

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